2017 business count results now available

The Regional Municipality of Durham’s Planning and Economic Development Department conducted its sixth Business Count as part of an annual Regional project that gathers employment statistics and promotes local economic development initiatives. The project surveys local businesses and gathers data about business operations, including the type and nature of the business, the number of employees, plans for growth, floor space and location.

From May to August 2017, the Region’s Business Count team visited business establishments across Durham, including farm operations with the goal of building and maintaining the Region’s comprehensive employment database, as well as updating the Region’s online business directory, available at investdurham.ca. The data will also be used for a range of planning and economic development purposes, such as land use studies and growth monitoring.

“Thank you once again to Durham’s business community for their support and co-operation with the annual business count study,” said Brian Bridgeman, Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development. “With your assistance, we were able to reach 12,364 businesses across the region. The data collected through this study is instrumental in helping us to create a strong local economy.”

Information collected from the 2017 Business Count project indicates that local businesses employ more than 196,713 people, with 64 per cent of them being full-time positions. The City of Oshawa reported the largest proportion of both businesses and jobs in the region, and statistics regarding major business sectors show that 17 per cent of jobs in Durham Region can be found in the retail sector.

For more information, visit durham.ca/BusinessCount. Businesses are encouraged to look for local suppliers by visiting the directory at investdurham.ca.

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