Adopting A Park or Trail In The Town Of Whitby

The Town is committed to maintaining Whitby’s parks and trails as an important part of our vibrant community. To improve the health and longevity of local parks and trails, the Town conducts regular clean-ups, grass cutting and infrastructure inspections and repairs on the more than 120 parks and the over 75 kilometres of trails in Whitby.

To build on the Town’s efforts, community groups, neighbours and local businesses are invited to join together to take part in the Town’s Adopt a Trail or Park programs. Through the programs, residents can volunteer their time to pick up litter in local parks and along trails, donate land for public use and more.

Adopt a Trail or Park program participants are responsible for picking up litter a minimum of three times a year for a three-year period to help keep our trails and parks clean. Clean up kits can be provided by the Town upon request.

Learn more about how to Adopt a Trail or Park by visiting

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