Ajax council supports Ontoro Boulevard / Range Road Regional Water Service Expansion

Ajax Council members recently asked hard questions before agreeing to provide regional water service into Greenbelt protected lands. Council was concerned about establishing a precedent for other areas with similar water quality concerns. The discussion centered around water provision outside of the Ajax Urban Boundary, into the Ontoro Boulevard and Range Road area.

Geoff Romanowski, Manager of Planning, reviewed the legislative framework and process for extending municipal services into designated Greenbelt lands and noted that several provincial and municipal land use policies would prevent development in the Greenbelt. Mr. Romanowski noted that other Greenbelt protected areas with water quality issues would need to satisfy similar criteria as the Ontoro Boulevard / Range Road area in order to be considered by the Province of Ontario and Regional Council, including assessments of health impacts and alternatives available.

Council noted that the hydro-geotechnical characteristics of this area provide limited options for the residents to rectify their private wells; that new wells cannot be drilled to resolve this issue;
treatment options still do not produce water that is usable for day-to-day activities; and the regional water service expansion complies with all relevant Provincial legislation and is supported/permitted by the Region of Durham.

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