Approved 2019 city budget invests in Oshawa’s future

Oshawa City Council recently approved the 2019 city budget, which balances competing priorities and challenges while simultaneously providing affordable services and programs that meet community needs.

The budget contains new building infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, active transportation, trails and parks, and increases reserves to ensure financial health of the city and decrease debt payments.

The budget requires a 1.88% increase on Oshawa’s portion of a resident’s tax bill (41% of total tax bill) and represents an increase in the total tax bill of approximately $41 on a home assessed at $356,000.

The 1.88% increase is only on the City portion of resident’s taxes. The City of Oshawa is part of a two-tier government system and collects property taxes on behalf of the City, the Regional Municipality of Durham and the Province for local school boards. For every dollar collected, approximately 41 cents is allocated to the City, 41 cents to the Region and 18 cents to local school boards.

The 2019 Regional budget deliberations begin in the coming weeks; once the regional budget is approved, Oshawa homeowners will see a combined City, Region and education increase on their tax bill.

The budget is comprised of two components, which are operating and capital. The operating budget covers the costs of delivering services to the community. This includes snow removal, waste collection, fire services, recreation programs and more. It also includes funding for agencies, including the Oshawa Public Libraries and the Oshawa Senior Citizens Centres.

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