On May 23, more than 25 Camaro fans got together in Oshawa (safely social distancing in their Camaros) to pay tribute to life-long Camaro lover Peggy Doucette Courvier.

Camaro enthusiasts met at 1908 Colonel Sam Drive, revved their engines, and drove with a police escort to Lake Ridge Hospital where Peggy is in palliative care. Peggy’s son, Craig, led the parade in her Camaro.

Peggy is a member the Ontario Camaro Club, and has a license place that says “CAMROGRL.” General Motors used Peggy’s 1967 Camaro to promote the brand in past campaigns.

Peggy watched the Camaro Cruise through the glass windows of Lakeridge, where she flashed a heart symbol to drivers as they went by.

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