Clarington Council breaks Rules of Procedure on Soper Creek Trail development

Clarington Town Council recently suspended procedural rules to add a proposed motion and seven delegations regarding Phase 2 of the Soper Creek Trail.

The delegation was weighted heavily against the development, with much concern raised by residents about the dangers of placing the trail so close to the back of their properties.

Dennis Roberts’ concerns included theft, littering, noise, trespassing, illegal activities, decreased property values, grass fires, parking and traffic.

Michael Black was concerned with decreased privacy for all the residents whose homes back onto the proposed new trail, including increased risk of theft and break-ins, and people not picking up after their dogs. Mr. Black felt that the trial will decrease safety and property values in the area.

JC Dougan was concerned about wildlife that will be affected if the trail is constructed. She explained that the trail development will cause changes to the natural habitat, erosion, and soil compaction.

Following the delegations, a motion was moved by Councillor Traill that the development be referred to staff for further public consultation, and that no further public funds be expended until the consultation is completed and a full report is presented to the next elected Council. The motion was defeated 5-2

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