Clarington municipal election details and candidates

Elections for municipal government in Ontario are held every four years on the fourth Monday of October. The next municipal election will be held Monday, October 22, 2018, with polls open from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Clarington electors will cast their traditional, composite paper ballots at voting locations throughout the town.

The riding of Clarington has 33 voting subdivisions. Electors within each voting subdivision will be assigned to vote at a designated voting place.

A Voter Notification Card was mailed to every household and to every eligible elector in early October, advising designated voting place. You can bring your voter notification card, but it is not sufficient identification. You must bring photo identification.

Running for Mayor of Clarington are Mark Canning, Adrian Foster and Matthew Marshall. Running for Regional Councillor Wards 1 and 2 are Joe Neal and Mary Novak. Running for Regional Councillor Wards 3 and 4 are Granville Anderson, Steven Cooke, Wendy Partner and Peter Vogel. Running for Local Councillor Ward 1 are Sami Elhajjeh, Janice Jones and Franklin Wu. Running for Local Councillor Ward 2 are Ron Hooper and Maralyn Tassone. Running for Local Councillor Ward 3 are Robert Grovum, Sarah MacDonald and Bradley Phillips. Running for Local Councillor Ward 4 are JC Dougan, Alan Harris, Evan King, Zachery Prescott, Greg Rowden and Margaret Zwart

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