Durham District School Board introduces new Superintendents

Educators Andrea McAuley and Heather Mundy have been appointed to the team of Superintendents of
Education at the Durham District School Board (DDSB). Ms. McAuley will be appointed to the interim
position of Superintendent of Education/Inclusive Education and Ms. Mundy to the interim position of
Superintendent of Education/Family of Schools.

“Andrea has long been a highly valued member of our team. Her commitment to public education, and
her passion for Special Education shines brightly in all she does” says Board Chair Michael Barrett. “And Heather will continue to lead, inspire excellence, and support continuous improvement in her new role as Superintendent/Family of Schools. Historically, she has brought passion and commitment to all she does, and this will no doubt continue in her new, expanded role,”

Ms. Mundy has over 25 years of experience as an educator, with over 8 years spent as Principal at DDSB schools. She has currently been DDSB’s Special Education Officer for Ajax Family of Schools.

Ms. McAuley has extensive experience as a principal within DDSB prior to becoming Special Education Officer in 2015. As a principal, she was honoured with the prestigious Canada’s Outstanding Principal Award in recognition of her dedication to students, families and community partnerships.

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