Durham Region alerts residents how to deal with the heat

Environment Canada has issued a series of heat warnings for the Durham Region this summer. The Durham Region Health Department has followed the warnings with these precautions to prevent heat-related illness.

Drink plenty of cool liquids, especially water, before feeling thirsty.
Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing made of breathable fabric.
Take cool showers or baths until you feel refreshed.
Take a break from the heat by spending a few hours in a cool place.
Block out the sun by opening awnings, and closing curtains or blinds during the day.
Avoid sun exposure. Shade yourself by wearing a wide-brimmed, breathable hat or using an umbrella.
Reschedule or plan outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day.
Never leave people or pets in your care inside a parked vehicle or in direct sunlight.

While extreme heat can put everyone at risk from heat illnesses, health risks are greatest for older adults, infants and young children, people with chronic illnesses such as breathing difficulties, heart conditions or psychiatric illnesses, people who work or who exercise in the heat, homeless people and low-income earners.

For additional tips on how to stay safe and what to do during extreme heat, please visit durham.ca/heat, or contact the Environmental Help Line at 1-888-777-9613 or 905-723-3818.

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