Durham traffic blitz nets almost 1,300 tickets in school zones

A one-week traffic safety blitz around neighbourhood schools in Durham Region has resulted in almost 1,300 traffic tickets being issued.

The Durham Police traffic services, in conjunction with officers from all divisions, initiated a zero-tolerance traffic enforcement campaign targeting school and community safety zones during the week of Jan. 7-11. Officers issued 1,299 tickets for various driving offences in and around schools, which included 872 tickets for speeding. Other tickets included 25 for stop sign and red light violations and 10 tickets issued for distracted driving.

Under Ontario’s Bill 90, roads adjoining schools are school safety zones that continue a certain distance in either direction. School safety zones have signage and roadway markings at every entrance to the school safety zone and at intersections and crosswalks. The signs may include flashing lights and or signs that detect and display the speed of approaching vehicles. Municipalities have the power to prescribe a lower rate of speed, which most do.

The goal of the annual In the Zone enforcement campaign is to ensure high officer visibility and proactive enforcement in and around school zones during the first week back to school.

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