Exceptional Freedom of Information provided by Oshawa City Council

Councillor Doug Sanders made an August 14th Oshawa City council freedom of information request to waive solicitor-client privilege related to the controversial purchase of 199 Wentworth St. West. The property now houses the City’s Consolidated Operations Depot.

In 2015, City staff from City Hall, Farewell, Ritson and Wilson facilities were relocated to the site. The cost, and the process has been deeply criticized since 2013, when then auditor general Ron Foster found the city paid $1.6 million too much for the property.

Councillor Sanders’ motion read …”be it resolved Council waive solicitor-client privilege over all records relating to the purchase of 199 Wentworth Street East to allow for public disclosure of these
records, with the exception of any records identified by the Interim City Solicitor, in
consultation with the City Clerk, that are required to maintain solicitor-client privilege to
protect the City from litigation or potential litigation.”

The motion passed as follows: Affirmative – Councillors Aker, Bates, Carter, Kerr, Pidwerbecki, Sanders, Shields and Mayor Henry. Negative: Councillors McQuaid-England and Neal

It may appear to some that the City of Oshawa’s freedom of information release, with the exception of information that can be used against their actions, is rather pastel and pointless related to the controversy. Perhaps this was behind Neal and McQuaid-England’s considered refusal to support it.

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