Fraud Suspects Arrested Using Fake Gold to Scam Victims

Investigators are asking members of the public to be mindful of a scam in which the suspects exchange fake gold for cash.

Over the past few months investigators have seen a scam where either a male or female would approach their victims and tell them that they have run out of gas. The suspect would then advise them that they have no money but were willing to trade their gold jewelry for gas money. The gold jewelry would then turn out to be fake gold.

In one incident, which took place in Newcastle in mid-February, a male suspect flagged down a female motorist on Taunton Road in Newcastle. The male suspect claimed he ran out of gas and asked for help. The suspect informed her that he would give her his jewelry in exchange for gas money, but he would return in a few days to get back his jewelry and pay the victim back. The suspect gave her his cell phone number and left the fake jewelry. The victim was scammed out of several hundred dollars and noticed afterwards that the number was out of service and the gold was fake. Investigators identified the suspect and he was arrested on March 22, 2019.

Luceafar Marin, age 50 of Colonial Avenue in Toronto is charged with Fraud Under $5,000. He was released on a Promise to Appear.

Investigators ask members of the community to be mindful of their surroundings at all times and always protect your valuables. Fraudsters can be persuasive and if someone appears suspicious, don’t engage them in conversation.

Anyone with new information about this investigation is asked to contact D/Sgt. Sitaram of the East Division Criminal Investigation Bureau at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 1606

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