G.L. Roberts empowers students through the United We Stand Conference

G.L. Roberts CVI hosted its annual United We Stand Conference to a full house on Tuesday December 4.
The conference had three worthwhile goals that engaged, informed and motivated participating students.

The first goal was to make valuable community connections and educate students about resourceful programs and services that are available in the area. There were several displays, resources and speakers that helped meet this goal.

The second goal was to build resilience to better equip students and families to face day-to-day challenges, which was fulfilled by award-winning psychology professor Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe from Trent University. Dr. Hanley-Dafoe was the conference keynote speaker, and discussed resiliency, well-being and how to navigate through stressful situations.

The third and final goal is to foster hope in what can be achieved in the future when students work hard and make good decisions in the present. G.L. Roberts alumni participated in this portion of the conference to share their success stories and how they managed to work through their own struggles and find purpose.

Throughout the day, approximately 400 Grade 7 to 12 students engaged in workshops about self-empowerment, Indigenous identity, gender identity, financial planning, social media and much more.

photo: Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

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