Lazo Will pays tribute to reggae’s brightest star

The sounds of Bob Marley will echo at Regent Theatre May 11 when Canadian Reggae star Lazo takes the stage, honouring one of Marley’s most influential albums, Exodus.

Lazo is a Juno award winner who has recently been named the Top Reggae Performer of the Year by the internationally recognized Canadian Reggae Music Awards.

Canada’s top music academy has recognized Lazo awarding him a Juno Award in 2000 for Best Reggae Recording for his “Heart and Soul” CD. The optimism shared from his beautiful composition, “Love Is on Your Side” captured a Juno nomination as did another album “Something Real” in 1995.

“Exodus’ reggae music is infectious, it is a virus that spreads instantly through everyone listening. Its’ symptoms include perma grin, an uncontrollable urge to dance and an overall sense of well being,” said Lazo about the Marley’s legendary album.


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