Local governments unite looking for Ontario to reaffirm GO Train extension

The Region of Durham, along with the Municipality of Clarington, City of Oshawa and Town of Whitby are asking the province to reaffirm its commitment to extend GO Train service east to Oshawa and Bowmanville. Just this week, Durham Region and local municipalities passed unanimous resolutions asking the provincial government to move forward with the GO Train Lakeshore East extension, resolve all pending negotiations and begin construction on this long-awaited project.

The resolutions are in response to an announcement that Metrolinx was reviewing its transit projects. On Nov. 29, Jeff Yurek, transportation minister, said Metrolinx has been “asked to assess the status of transit projects and determine the feasibility.” The review would include stations that have not yet been built including the proposed stations along the Lakeshore East corridor.

The Region of Durham and local municipalities have supported the Lakeshore East extension for nearly 30 years. In fact, the extension is embedded in land use, transportation and transit plans for each jurisdiction. In 2016, Durham Region and local municipalities worked closely with Metrolinx to develop a business case for the expansion. The key findings of an independent study looking into the benefits of the expansion and are available on the City of Oshawa website. As the study outlines, the GO rail expansion would generate $1.1 billion in transit-oriented development in the area and create a projected 21,000 jobs.

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