March 4 Whitby Town Council meeting highlights

The Town of Whitby is creating new sustainable development guidelines to help guide future development in the community. The guidelines, which will apply to site plan and subdivision applications on private property, aim to provide incentives for developers to consider sustainability when planning and developing new areas of the community.

A new Corporate Strategic Plan for the Town has been approved by Council. The plan will be used alongside Council’s goals and the community survey to guide the Town’s strategic direction and inform the annual budget and work plans. The plan establishes a long-term vision for the Town and will help prioritize the Town’s goals, future investments and service delivery standards.

A new Special Events Volunteer Program has been developed to support the hundreds of volunteers who help deliver Town of Whitby events. The new program will help improve how the Town attracts, retains, supports and recognizes event volunteers. The program is set to launch this spring.

A new Active Transportation Plan will serve as the long-term guide for building a convenient, comfortable and safe alternative for people to get to and from work, school and other frequent destinations. An update on the new plan was presented to Council and the final plan is expected to be presented to Council this fall. .

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