Pickering Dragon Boat Club has lots to celebrate

Mother and daughter celebrate continued success.

Last year, Mirja Raita and daughter Jenn brought home gold from the International Dragon Federation’s World Club Crew Championships which took place in Hungary. This summer, they earned berth for their Club Crew to France at the 2019 Canadian Dragon Boat Competition in Regina.

After returning from Club Crew World Championships with the rest of their home crew at Pickering Dragon Boat Club, both Mirja and Jenn entered into the selection process for Team Canada.

Over the course of the last 12 months, they trained and were tested numerous times finally making it to final selection camp for their respective divisions (Senior B and U16/U18) with the top 30 athletes in the country.  24 would be named to their gender division teams.  Once those were named, the top 10 athletes in both genders were selected to race on the mixed division.

Mirja and Jenn were both selected to represent Canada in the World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand. 29 countries were competing. With limited time to train and practice together given the geographical challenges with a National Team, Canada came out victorious.  Both of the crews reached podium standings in every event entered.

Most races were won within fractions of seconds, some over cumulative timed heats.  The Highlight for Canada included The Canadian National Premiere Women setting a world record in the 200m distance event.

After five days of racing in extremely hot temperatures and numerous heats for the 200m, 500m, 1000m and 2000m distances, Team Canada earned a total of 85 medals (up from 74 the previous cycle).

Both Mirja and Jenn earned podium standings in every distance they raced for both their gender and mixed crews.  Mirja earned three gold medals and five silver medals.


Photo: Mirja Raita celebrates her latest gold medal success.

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