One of Whitby’s largest infrastructure projects nears completion as Rossland Road reopens

The Town of Whitby was pleased to inform residents and local businesses that Rossland Road West, between Lake Ridge Road and McQuay Boulevard, was reopened to the public on Dec. 21.

The widening of the 1.5 kilometre stretch of Rossland Road to four lanes is one of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken to date by the town. In addition to the new lanes of traffic, work included creek and drainage improvements, hydro works, major underground sanitary, water and storm servicing pipes, and preparation for sidewalk and multi-use pathway installation.

The road closure aligned major work being done by the town, Region of Durham and Ministry of Transportation. Together with the construction of 3.3 kilometres of new four-lane arterial road at Des Newman Boulevard, the project saw more than $60 million invested by all three levels of government in road infrastructure for the area.

While the road is now reopening to the public, town officials advise there will be continued construction activity during 2019 to complete items such as street lighting, sidewalks and multi-use paths, pedestrian and cyclist safety barriers, concrete islands, installation of signals and installation of turning lanes at Coronation Road.

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 905.430.4327.

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