Ontario funds new residential hospice beds in Whitby

In spring 2018, Whitby Town Council unanimously voted in favour of a land donation to Durham Region Hospice for the purpose of developing a new ten-bed residential hospice and palliative care centre of excellence in Whitby. Earlier this week, the Province of Ontario announced that they will be moving forward with plans to build the 10 new hospice beds.

“I am delighted by the Province of Ontario’s announcement that they will be moving forward with plans to build ten new hospice beds here in our community. Right now, the only option for terminally ill residents living in Durham Region, including Whitby, is to seek care in local hospitals or at home. This is something that needs to and will now soon change.

Once open, the new residential hospice will provide free and much-needed end-of-life care and support to terminally ill residents and their families in a place that aims to feel just like home. It will also provide facility users with important access to an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals and volunteers to help manage pain and comfort levels. Ultimately, this new residential hospice will provide those who need it the care and support they deserve during this crucial time.

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