Oshawa BIA Holding Public Art Competition

In 2016, the BIA expanded its boundaries, and since then, our membership has been asking for creative colorful solutions to an expanding urban background! The BIA has reached out to Bella Wraps to provide this solution – wrapping of hydro electrical poles in downtown! These wraps not only bring beauty to the downtown area but also provide an anti-graffiti solution. Colleen Browne from Street Graffiti Solutions notes, “Bella Anti-Stick Wrap is the only solution to stop Vertical Litter TM commonly found on many street poles and boxes.” Their patented anti-stick resins on the wrap repel adhesives, making unsightly stickers and flyers a thing of the past. “Bella Anti-Stick Wrap’s design feature is perfect for an area logo or graphic placement to bring streetscape beautification to new heights for locals and guests.”

The Oshawa Downtown BIA has heard from residents that they want this initiative to move forward with the primary locations of the pole wraps to be in the new expansion areas where banners do not exist, with other areas slated in 2020. Nancy Shaw, Chair of the Oshawa Downtown BIA views this project as a “continuation (of the BIA efforts) to strive towards enhancing our downtown core – the new pole wraps bring an exciting new look, with colour and vibrance.”

To enhance this project, the Oshawa BIA is calling for local artists to design the pole wraps. Using a community development lens, the pole wrap initiative wants to involve different stakeholders to enhance and support the thriving art scene of Oshawa. The Oshawa BIA wants to involve graphic design students and the local arts community of Oshawa to showcase their talents in the medium of their choice to beautify the streetscape of the downtown core. The colours chosen for this initiative are meant to represent the different aspects of downtown – from its vibrant streets and green spaces to its dynamic downtown businesses.

“The Oshawa Downtown BIA is implementing a community development lens to all future projects, involving stakeholders from all walks of life, including our talented graphic design and arts community!” – Amanda MacDonald, Executive Director of Oshawa Downtown BIA

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