Region planning how and where our cities and towns may grow through Envision Durham

The Regional Municipality of Durham’s Planning Division just launched Envision Durham, a comprehensive review of the Durham Regional Official Plan.

By the year 2041, Durham Region’s population is expected to grow to 1.2 million people, with more than 430,000 jobs. Envision Durham is examining how and where our cities and towns may grow, the use and protection of land and resources and the most approrpriate housing types. Residents’ employment opportunities and the movement of goods throughout the Region will also be studied.

“Envision Durham is an opportunity to plan for change and establish a progressive and forward-looking planning vision for Durham Region to 2041,” said John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “This is an exciting opportunity for residents, businesses and stakeholders to share their vision for the future of our community.”

Over the next four years, the Region is reaching out to area municipalities, conservation authorities, the public, businesses and other stakeholders to gather their views and opinions on a range of topics. The public is encouraged to visit, where they can learn more about the review, take an online survey, watch a quick video of the process, subscribe to Envision Durham, 2041 updates or find opportunities to participate.

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