Residents reminded not to drink or drug and drive this holiday season

Drinking or drugging and driving don’t mix – that is an important message to get across, so Whitby Fire and Emergency Services (WFES), Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS) and MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) recently launched their annual “Festive Ride” campaign with a chilling prop.

Each year, over the holiday season, as part of the “Festive Ride” campaign, RIDE check points are increased along local roads with the goal of reducing impaired driving. The campaign encourages residents to plan ahead and arrange for alternate transportation if they are going to drink alcohol or smoke cannabis.

Today, Mayor Don Mitchell, Fire Chief Dave Speed and representatives from DRPS and MADD Canada took part in a launch event for “Festive Ride” at Whitby Fire Headquarters. The launch event included a live re-enactment of an impaired driving call, including a vehicle extrication using the Jaws of Life – a hydraulic rescue tool.

While driving under the influence of marijuana isn’t as bad as alcohol, studies have shown that smoking weed can affect spatial perception. Drugged drivers may have slower reaction times and can swerve or tailgate more often which makes them a much higher risk for accidents. Unlike alcohol, people metabolize THC at different rates, so please be safe.

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