Station Gallery customizes student connections to art

Durham Region students can now connect with art in an authentic and meaningful way through the Station Gallery. Station Gallery CEO Kerri King is introducing a series of hands-on, engaging, and cross-curricular school program available either at the gallery or at your school.

Each session provides a student-centred approach to materials exploration, process-based learning and inquiry-based knowledge acquisition. The sessions are enriching and engaging. This is a team of professional artist educators motivated to create a lasting impression and inspire an authentic learning experience that extends well beyond the gallery walls.

Station Gallery is pleased to offer a variety of gallery and outreach programs that link to curriculum needs and provide fantastic opportunities for students to create their own art. One of the most popular programs is Studio On The Go, which provides enhanced art lessons delivered to the classroom.

Schools choose from three different technique based visual art lessons – drawing, painting or sculpture, that are STEM connected and use Canadian artists as the inspiration for the lessons. These include Penciled Portraits; The shape of a face or Watercolour Landscapes: Imagining Ontario Predevelopment or Animal Sculptures; Inspired by the Ojibway 7 Grandfather Teachings
Cost is $15 per student, minimum 22 students.

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