Town Of Ajax Approves 2019 Operating Budget

The 2019 Capital and Operating budgets are set up to move Ajax forward. The Town is resetting, refocusing and reprioritizing to maintain services, support growth, and ensure community advancement.  

The total 2019 Capital Budget is $34.5 million. The majority of the budget is dedicated to four key areas including Road Network, Town Buildings, Parks and Open Spaces, and Vehicles and Equipment.

Highlights of the Moving Forward Capital included $1.7 million on five timely and essential strategic plans to support services and growth which are IT Strategies, Asset Management Plans, Economic & Development Plans, Recreation Master Plans, and Fire Master Plans

$13 million on Town facilities, including Phase 2 of the Audley Recreation Centre, the Cricket Clubhouse and Field, and Paradise Park Washroom and Park

$13.3 million has been marked for transportation projects, including six traffic calming initiatives, new LED street lighting, and road resurfacing on Rossland Road and Church Streets

$15.5 million the Town has reserved to support capital programs and infrastructure.

The remaining $3 million portion of the budget is marked for Parking Lots, Bridges and Culverts, Storm Water Network, Technology, and Studies and Other Initiatives.

“Like many municipalities, the Town has tried to balance service needs and expectations with current resources,” said Mayor Shaun Collier, “However, this desire to reduce spending has come at a cost. For example, we have not increased staffing sufficiently to manage growing service needs in many years. As a result, we have not been in a position to increase or expand services, and more importantly, we are missing a great number of opportunities to improve and excel.

The total proposed 2019 Operating budget is approximately $67 million, an increase of $3.7 million from 2018. Ajax property tax bill includes taxes levied by the Town, Region and Province. The Town’s portion is 30 percent.

The proposed tax rate for the Region is 2.20 percent and the Province (Education) is assumed to be zero. Combined with the Town’s 4.75 percent, the impact is expected to be an overall 2.65 percent property tax rate increase, or $10.77 per month (estimate). The Town’s portion of the $10.77 is $5.84. 

For a continued listing of the budgetary initiatives set out by the Town Of Ajax, an information page has been created for residents. This includes further details on investments and infrastructure improvements. It can be found by clicking here



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