Town of Whitby CAO responds to rebranding proposal under fire

A staff report regarding the Town of Whitby rebranding was brought forward to Committee of the Whole for consideration last week. There was so much interest and criticism of the project that Matt Gaskell, Chief Administrative Officer felt obliged to respond in a news release to the public.

“We appreciate that there are many different opinions on this topic. The passion with which this issue has been discussed demonstrates its importance. Based on the interest in the recommended brand, we will be reporting back to Council on February 19 with additional options on how this project can proceed. Our goal is to constructively build on what has been done to date and to provide the community with further opportunity for input.

Over the past year and a half, we engaged residents, business owners, staff and stakeholders in the development of the recommended brand. From an online survey, to comment cards, to interviews and roundtables and more, we undertook considerable effort to seek input into this process. These insights helped us to develop the recommended brand. To date, the largest portion of the project’s budget has been invested in engagement. In fact, it remains the Town’s most significant engagement project to date, and we take pride in that.”

Photo: Matt Gaskell, Town of Whitby CAO

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