Town of Whitby efficiently passes six by-laws

Whitby Town council plowed through some summer business, passing six by-laws at their recent council meeting.

By-law # 7439-18 to delegate to the Commissioner of Planning and Development the authority to approve red line revisions to approved draft plans of subdivision.
By-law # 7440-18 to designate certain portions of a registered Plan of Subdivision (S-243-98) as not being subject of Part Lot Control.
By-law # 7441-18 to establish a code of conduct for Members of Council.
By-law # 7442-18 to establish a code of conduct for Boards and Advisory Committees.
By-law # 7444-18 to regulate traffic on highways in the Town of Whitby (Schedule N – Stop Signs).
By-law # 7445-18 to establish procedures respecting the disposal of surplus real property.

At the same meeting, Councillor Roy pro-actively moved that Council delegate the authority to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the Head of Human Resources to execute a ratified renewal collective agreement with C.U.P.E. Local 53, Full-time during the Lame Duck period of Council; and that the Head of Human Resources report back to Council in January 2019 with a confidential information report as to the agreement that was finalized during the Lame Duck Council period.

In politics, a Lame Duck period occurs when an elected official is in power while their newly elected successor is not yet in position.

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