Town of Whitby identifies provincial priorities for election

If you are a resident of Whitby, the Town has identified seven priorities for you to consider when selecting a candidate in the upcoming election. These are important issues for Whitby over which the Ontario Provincial government has influence.

  • local job creation through funding for local initiatives, such as Whitby’s Innovation Accelerator and District;
  • improved traffic flow and a more equitable and effective transportation network
  • municipality partnerships that create complete and connected communities, such as the Transit Village in Port Whitby;
  • the impact of legislation on lower-tier municipalities and small businesses, such as Bill 148 (Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act) and cannabis;
  • assistance in the development of affordable housing, particularly in downtown
  • enhancing public safety, including the Ontario Building Code, to require the installation of fire sprinklers in all new residential construction.

“As a Town, we are committed to making Whitby the best place to live, work and visit,” said Mayor Don Mitchell. “Partnership at all levels of government is critical to enabling positive change in our community. We believe that provincial support of these seven priorities will make a true and positive difference to Whitby and its residents.”



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