Translucent lodge highlights Beaver Tales art exhibit

Beaver Tales is an exquisite artistic collaboration between the beaver and three artists. Francis Muscat, Frank Shebageget and Anna Williams portray personal and stunning relationships and responses to Canada’s national animal, Castor Canadiensis, the beaver.

Francis Muscat lives and works in Sunderland, Ontario. He moved his studio practice outdoors to collaborate with resident beavers who share his living space. Muscat writes: “The peripatetic beaver decided to make my pond one of his homes. This was an invitation for me to react, comment and eventually take action. The similarity in which the trees fell intrigued me, the way the wood fibers were violently pulled apart spoke to me.

Originally from Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation (Ojibwa), Frank Shebageget explores the tension between development, personal livelihood and sacrifice through Aboriginal and Canadian icons such as family dwellings, beaver lodges and bush planes.

Ottawa-based artist Anna Williams presents three life-sized cast bronze beavers constructing a beaver lodge made out of 800 clear resin tree branches. The branches replicate a real lodge that Williams deconstructed and individually cast for the exhibit. It is magnificent, and so are many of the pieces throughout the exhibit at Whitby’s Station Gallery until December 9th.

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