UOIT launches new gateway to entrepreneurship and innovation

Creating a successful business not only requires a great idea, it requires market research, startup financing, team building, quick decision-making and dealing with the unknown. Converting a visionary idea into a viable new business defines the process of entrepreneurship.

As a champion of innovative and entrepreneurial culture, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) now offers Brilliant Catalyst where students, faculty, business and community organizations can now accelerate the development of new ideas, business ventures and innovations.

“Brilliant Catalyst is a vital new component of our university’s innovative and entrepreneurial culture,” says Dr. Steven Murphy, UOIT president. “In this creative space, multidisciplinary teams of students will work with our industry partners to help solve real-world problems. Brilliant Catalyst complements our university’s commitment to hands-on experiential learning. Real-world opportunities prepare our students and graduates for success in their own businesses or even as employees who produce new business ideas within an existing workplace.”

“Brilliant Catalyst will be a springboard for new business ventures to ensure entrepreneurs and innovators have access to the resources they need to be successful in today’s market,” says David Pamenter, Brilliant Catalyst executive-in-residence. “Startups will be able to collaborate in this space and pursue joint initiatives with the office of research services to commercialize university intellectual property.”

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