Whitby firefighters take part in emergency training

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services (WFES) complete practical training as part of the International Association of Fire Fighters Fire Ground Survival Program.

On Tuesday, January 29, firefighters practiced performing the potentially life-saving actions needed in the event they become lost, disoriented, injured, low on air or trapped while performing a rescue operation. Specific drills included window and ladder bails from upper floors; preparing for a May Day; room orientation; radio communications; and following a hose-line out of a dangerous situation.

The training was part of ongoing emergency exercises of varying size and scale conducted annually by WFES to ensure firefighters are prepared to respond in any situation.

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services (WFES) is comprised of 141 employees working in four Divisions, from five fire halls. The Fire Suppression division is comprised of 124 firefighters who respond to emergency calls on a 24/7 basis. When not responding to calls, they spend much of their time delivering public education programs, engaging in daily training activities, and maintaining equipment.

Risk Management and Education is comprised of six personnel. Fire Training and Professional Development consists of 3 personnel. Administration houses eight personnel including the Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, four administration personnel, and one logistics person

For more information on fire safety, visit whitby.ca/fire.

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