Whitby launches new program to help support and celebrate event volunteers

The Town of Whitby has a new Event Volunteer Program aimed at supporting and celebrating its event volunteers. Through the new program, launched as part of National Volunteer Week (April 7 to 13), the Town is focused on providing its volunteers with meaningful experiences and opportunities to grow, learn and contribute to making Whitby a vibrant and welcoming community.

Each year, the Town hosts eight large scale community events and a series of more than 50 summer programming events that are supported by more than 160 volunteers.

“We are fortunate to have a strong and enthusiastic team of event volunteers who selflessly give of their time and skills to make a positive difference in our community,” said Mayor Don Mitchell. “Without our volunteers, events like Open Streets, Canada Day and the Brooklin Harvest Festival would not be as successful as they are.”

The new program was created based on feedback collected from the community including current and potential volunteers. Going forward, the program will guide how the Town attracts, retains, trains and celebrates its event volunteers. Whitby is the first municipality in Durham Region, and among the few municipalities in Ontario, to develop such a program.

As part of the new program, a new Volunteer Handbook is now available online. In the coming weeks, the Town will be launching a new online platform to help streamline volunteer sign-up and scheduling, and match volunteers to the events and experiences that interest them.

For more information about the program or how to sign up to become a volunteer, visit whitby.ca/volunteer.

Photo: Whitby Harvest Festival

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